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    Architectural Sign Info. — ADA Signs for the office

    ADA Signage

    ADA Signage

    WeBuildSigns (WBS) is a leading manufacturer and online retailer of interior ADA signage for office buildings, healthcare institutions, commercial structures and government facilities. These include schools, hospitals, hotels, factories and many other types of buildings that provide special accommodations for handicapped and disabled people. Our attractive collections of ADA-compliant signs are highly visible and incorporate Grade II Braille and raised tactile lettering.

    Each of our architectural sign families includes identification and directional signage. We offer building level directories, egress maps and markers for stairs and elevators. WBS also makes a variety of standard and customized ADA restroom signs for men’s, women’s and unisex/gender-neutral bathrooms. And of course we have room identification signage with names and numbers for offices, equipment spaces or conference rooms.

    If you need high quality ADA compliant signage, call WBS (512) 323-9770


    Specifications and design guidelines for architectural signage are defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design. These list the accessibility requirements for several types of buildings including Medical Care Facilities, Places of Lodging, Educational Institutions, Correctional Facilities, Social Service Centers, and Residential Dwelling Units. All of these must have ADA compliant signage to provide identification and directional information for people with disabilities including visual, hearing and mobility handicaps.

    Some states have enacted regulations even more rigorous than the Federal standards, most notably California Title 14 Accessibility Guidelines and New York’s A.8193 and S6845 Accessibility Symbol laws. Several states have adopted laws regulating bathrooms and restroom signs, to provide suitable accommodations to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transsexual (LGBT) individuals. In addition to (or in place of) conventional men’s and women’s bathroom signs, these require unisex restroom signage – also known as ‘whatever ‘ or gender-neutral restroom signs. WBS makes several collections of Title 14 restroom signs, and can also provide custom ADA signage with the New York Accessibility wheelchair logo shown here.


    All architectural signs (as distinguished from advertising, decorative plaques or informational banners) in these types of facilities need to provide support for visually impaired (including blind) individuals. More specifically, every ADA sign must include both Braille and raised tactile lettering. The design is also required to include the standard symbol (also raised) identifying the type of building feature – restroom, stairs, elevator, etc.


    Proper ADA signage provides support for those traveling in wheelchairs. Each sign must be placed in a conspicuous location, at a height that someone in a wheelchair can reach: 40”-60” above the floor level. Signs for wheelchair-accessible rooms, elevators and other facilities include the standard international symbol for a wheelchair.

    All ADA-compliant signs must be manufactured using non-glare materials with high contrast between lettering and the background. The guidelines even specify the permitted (serif) fonts and type sizes. Many newer public and commercial buildings additionally provide accommodative devices for people with hearing disabilities or restrictions. These include assistive listening systems or volume-controllable phones (identified with international phone symbols), TTY or text telephones (marked with a keyboard symbol).

    Call WBS (512) 323-9770 for high quality ADA signage or Title 14 restroom signs.

    WeBuildSigns makes several families of signs and accessories that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations. These are available online in a broad array of attractive styles and prices. We have an ADA signage package suitable for every décor and budget. Or, if you want something really unique, we can design a complete custom signage system – including directory listings and maps, room identification signs, directional and wayfinding signage, restroom signs, stair and elevator signage -- to your specifications.


    Whether you’re interested in our elegant Cosmopolitan sign collection, or are looking at our low cost Econo sign family, WeBuildSigns can provide excellent quality ADA compliant signage that meets your requirements and budget. All of these are available in our convenient online store; and we accept all the popular credit and debit cards.

    Whether your order is large or small, we are happy to have you as a customer. And if you are looking for a sign that you don’t see in our online inventory, give us a call. We probably have the product (or could make one quickly), just haven’t put it on the website yet. In addition to designing and making top quality ADA compliant signage products and accessories, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and are proud of our complimentary reviews and testimonials.


    Having an effective sign system makes it easier for employees or visitors with disabilities to identify and use your building’s facilities. This is primarily a safety and convenience issue; but it also says something about the type of organization you have, and your regard for people with handicaps or limitations. A custom ADA compliant sign package – in your corporate colors with logo or other graphics – complements your building decor and makes a statement about your leadership, values and success.

    In addition to the ADA compatible sign collections available in our online store, WBS can design a custom signage system specifically for your organization. As with our standard product families, these can include office name and number emblems, elevator and stairway plaques, and your choice of women’s, men’s and unisex restroom signage. We can also make matching building directory listings, emergency egress maps, lobby signs and level directories with “You are Here” indicators.

    A set of custom designed signs can add a lot to the appearance of your office building, store, condo building or medical clinic. All these identification, wayfinding and directional signs will have the same consistent high-impact look that you specify. And, especially when you are outfitting an entire building, you will be surprised how economical a custom ADA sign ensemble can be. Let us help you accommodate and impress your employees, customers and visitors. Contact WBS today to discuss your requirements and learn about our attractive products and pricing.

    WeBuildSigns (WBS) – Custom ADA Compliant Signage Systems - (512) 323-9770