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    Architectural Sign Info. — custom wayfinding

    Wayfinding Signs

    Wayfinding Signage

    Well-placed and highly-visible wayfinding signage is a necessity for commercial businesses or government organizations. These directional signboards and emblems give employees and visitors the ability to identify where they are currently, and easily navigate to their desired destination. The need for well positioned and correctly designed custom wayfinding signage begins at a visitor’s point of arrival (typically a parking lot, garage, street curb or main entry) and extends from there to every space in the building an occupant or guest might visit.

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    Effective directional signage systems include readily visible maps of the building’s floor layouts (along with a “You are Here” marker) plus other plaques and labels identifying intermediate milestones, stairs, elevators, individual room names and numbers. Building floor layout maps are a common form of wayfinding sign, providing plan views with identification of hallways, stairs, escalators or elevators. Interior navigational aids also include conspicuous men’s and women’s restroom signs and labeling of emergency exits and directions to parking garages. Most multi-level facilities provide a floor-by-floor building directory listing each level’s tenants, organizational departments or offices by room number. These, along with plaques marking elevators/stairways and directional arrows, are excellent guides for people already familiar with the structure - as well as first-time visitors.


    The ADA Standards for Accessible Design list the wayfinding sign requirements to accommodate people with disabilities. Restroom, stairway and directional signage need to be designed and positioned to be usable by individuals in wheelchairs and those with visual impairments. These identification and navigational signs must be highly visible with standard international symbols, raised tactile lettering and Braille. ADA-compliant signs must also be mounted on the wall at a height that someone in a wheelchair can easily see (and visually impaired people can touch).

    Being able to find your way in a building is especially important in the event of an emergency or forced evacuation. Even employees familiar with the structure and layout may have challenges navigating in the event of a fire, chemical spill or other emergency. Infrequent visitors will have an even more difficult time. And these problems can be exacerbated by the presence of smoke, loud alarms and the stress of needing to exit quickly. Well-designed and properly positioned wayfinding signage systems enhance safety and simplify movement for building occupants.

    WeBuildSigns makes a wide selection of high visibility ADA directional signs and mounting accessories. These are available in several attractive styles and price ranges, with something for every building décor and budget. In addition, we can design custom architectural signage for wayfinding, restrooms, stairs/elevators and room naming/numbering -- to your specifications.


    Our online store features a broad array of standard ADA sign implementations for office doors, restrooms, stairways and direction signage. These products are grouped into families in which all members are made of the same material and have a similar look – an important feature of wayfinding signage that enables people to quickly locate and interpret the facility identifier or directional sign.

    All WBS signs and accessories are high quality and suitable for Class A office buildings, government facilities or commercial structures. All of our indoor wayfinding signage, bathroom, stair/elevator and direction signs meet ADAAD specifications, as well as those of California Title 24. Our on-site CAD systems and manufacturing equipment enable us to quickly produce standard and customized products in high volume at a very low cost. We have very competitive prices and accept most major credit and debit cards.


    If you want a special directional sign package to show off your organization’s brand or meet an important functional requirement, we would be glad to design and manufacture a custom wayfinding signage package to meet your needs. As with our standard products available in our online store, our customized designs are remarkably inexpensive for top quality signage.

    Are you looking for an elegant signage system to impress your customers and business partners? Need an economical ADA-compliant signboard to direct visitors within your offices, factory, restaurant or store? WBS has a solution to meet your requirements and budget.

    Contact WBS today to tell us your requirements and learn about our attractive styles and options.

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