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    Architectural Sign Info. — Directional Signage

    Directional Signage

    Directional Signage

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) contains high-level functional objectives for informational and directional signs in buildings that provide access to the public. In general, all structures offering access to the public must provide reasonable accommodations for people with certain types of disabilities – specifically visual impairments, hearing disabilities and mobility limitations. The ADA mandates have been translated into specific design requirements in the ADA Accessibility Guidelines Section 703.


    The Guidelines provide detailed specifications for positioning and directional signage design – right down to the fonts and dimensions of the lettering, spacing, pictographs and Braille characters. Buildings required to conform to ADAAG requirements encompass Government facilities and commercial structures including retail stores, theaters, restaurants, office and residential buildings. Basically it’s any indoor or outdoor place where members of the public might congregate or visit. In addition to offering access to people with various types of disabilities, these buildings need both informational and directional signage for ADA compliance.

    WeBuildSigns makes standard and custom directional sign packages for building interiors. Browse this website or call us at (512) 323-9770 to learn more about our attractive collections of corporate signage, building directories and wayfinding sign designs.


    There are several applications for directional signs in public areas. The first is to enable people to enter and exit the edifice without any difficulty. So the ADAAG has specific provisions for entrance and exit signs, as well as building directory signs, emergency egress maps, stairway and elevator signage. These types of directional signs are especially important in the event of a fire or other situation where rapid evacuation is essential. And, even under normal circumstances, proper wayfinding sign systems increase the safety and convenience of getting from one place to another.

    The second type of directory sign assists people in locating specific interior facilities, particularly those that accommodate those with disabilities. Examples of these would be signs pointing to the locations of restrooms, wheelchair-capable elevators, lobby maps or special directories with audio or teletype capabilities. As with other ADA directional signs, these signs should be high contrast, prominently displayed with the Braille portion readily accessible to those with visual limitations. Restroom signage warrants special attention to accommodate the needs of disabled people – as well as the federal and state requirements for men’s, women’s, gender-neutral and unisex bathroom sign placement.

    A third type of directional signage advises people which way to go in a hallway or lobby to navigate to a specific room or facility. Examples of these include signs near a hotel elevator advising which hallway to take for groups of room numbers (e.g. suites 1001-1009 to the left), or the electronic signage at the airport showing which corridor to follow to reach different gate numbers. These wayfinding signs are primarily for convenience; but they are also beneficial for security and safety in the event of an emergency.


    The WeBuildSigns online store on this website has a diverse series of directional sign styles. These come in collections that also include informational signage like restroom signs, room name and number plaques and conference room signs. We have a sign collection for just about every building style and budget. Our low cost Econo family is ideal for companies on a tight budget, but still provides high quality and ADA compliance. And for organizations that require the utmost in quality and prestige, we have the Cosmopolitan family of directional signage and informational signs on clear acrylic panels.

    All of our designs meet ADA Accessibility Guidelines specifications, and also those of California Title 24. And, even though WBS directional signs are high quality, you will be surprised how economical they are – particularly when you are ordering a complete set of indoor architectural signage for your building. Our high-tech CAD equipment and manufacturing systems enable us to manufacture our products at low cost and in high quantities, to meet your tight deadlines.


    Many of our customers are looking for a custom directional signage look that reflects their corporate colors, logo and graphics. This gives your sign package a unique appearance and blends into the overall design of your company headquarters or local offices. A customized sign system reminds your employees, customers and visitors about your high standards and commitment to quality.

    If you need an ADA-compatible custom sign system, we can supply a complete set for a very economical price. This can include matching lobby signs, level directories, egress map signs, restroom signage, elevator/stair signs, individual room name and number emblems – and other signs you specify. Call us today to discuss your requirements and design goals.

    WeBuildSigns – Custom Directional Signage – Austin TX (512) 323-9770