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    Architectural Sign Info. — office door signs

    Office Door Signs

    Office Door Signs

    Hallway and Door Signs for Offices

    Attractive and well-positioned office door signs make it easier for employees or visitors to locate rooms in your building. Along with other navigational and directional markings, room name signs and room number signs can be very helpful to people looking for specific offices or spaces. Properly designed interior office identification signage systems are low glare with raised tactile lettering and Braille characters, so they can be read by blind people or those with vision disabilities.

    Call WBS (512) 323-9770 for high quality low cost office door signs.

    Our economical architectural signs are available in a variety of attractive designs to complement your workplace décor. Or we can design a custom collection of ADA compliant office door signs, cubicle signage, restroom labels, stair and elevator plaques to your exact specifications. WBS can manufacture a sign in any Pantene color, and include your logo and corporate graphics. A professionally designed set of directional and office doorway signage makes it easier to find people and spaces, and projects a favorable image to employees, customers and business partners.

    Door Signs with Office Name and Number

    Signs for office doors or the adjacent walls should include the room name and/or room number. In many situations this will be name of the person to whom the office is assigned. In others it will be a room identifier like ‘Break Room’, ‘Electrical Closet’, ‘Teachers Lounge’ or ‘Recording Studio’. In some cases, the building’s numbering scheme will also incorporate the floor number in the office number. So the first floor will have rooms numbered 1001-1999, 2nd floor 2001-2999, etc. WeBuildSigns (WBS) makes several families of ADA compliant office door signage and attractive directional signs in a broad selection of styles, colors and materials. We can customize these to your specifications, with any naming or numbering system you need.

    ADA Compliant Office Door Signs – Room and Cubicle Signage

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has specific requirements for directional and identification signage -- including signs for office doors and cubicles, room numbering and naming. These must be manufactured in contrasting letters and background colors on a glare-free surface. The room number and/or room name must be fashioned in both raised tactile lettering and Braille. Door sign letters must be large enough to be read from a distance.

    All ADA compliant signs must be positioned to provide access to people in wheelchairs. Room name/numbers and office doorway signage must be positioned between 48” and 60” above the floor level to ensure visibility and provide wheelchair access. This creates a challenge for cubicle signs, because some cubicle walls are not 48” tall. As a result, most office cubicle signs are positioned near the top of the cubicles’ half-walls.

    The presence of ADA compatible signage allows people with (and without) disabilities to successfully navigate through a workplace, school or commercial building. This capability becomes extremely valuable during a fire, bomb threat, severe storm or other situation that requires an emergency evacuation. In some of these situations, employees or students may be directed to take refuge in a specific room or common area. The presence of prominent office door signage and room labeling makes this a lot easier. Even personnel familiar with the building may have challenges navigating during a stressful evacuation scenario with smoke, flooding or throngs of people trying to exit. Although these situations are rare, the ability to locate a room or office door placard can be a life-or-death requirement.

    WeBuildSigns designs and manufactures a wide selection of high visibility ADA office door signs and mounting accessories. These are available in several attractive styles and price ranges, with something for every building’s décor and budget. In addition, we can design custom architectural signage – building directories, egress maps, restroom signs, stair/elevator plaques and conference room signs -- to your specifications.

    WBS Online Door Sign Store

    Our online store features a comprehensive selection of standard ADA signs for office doors, bathrooms, stairways and elevators. These products are grouped into collections in which all members are made of the same material and have a similar look. Consistency in appearance is important because it allows people to more readily locate identification and directional markers and reach their destinations.

    All WBS signs and accessories are high quality and suitable signs for office doors in Class A professional buildings, government facilities, residential structures or commercial workplaces. Our building level directories, restroom signs and stair/elevator labeling designs meet ADAAD specifications -- as well as those of California Title 24. We have sophisticated CAD systems and manufacturing equipment onsite to enable us to produce standard and custom products at a very reasonable cost. WBS has very competitive pricing and we accept most major credit and debit cards.

    Custom Office Door Sign Designs

    If you are looking for a unique office door sign package to simplify navigation and create a favorable impression of your headquarters and organization, we would be glad to create a custom collection to meet your needs. New customers are surprised how inexpensive our top quality signs can be.

    Are you looking for an elegant signage system to impress your customers and business partners? Need ADA-compliant office/cubicle signs, restroom and stairway/elevator signage for your place of business? WBS has a variety of designs that will meet your requirements and budget.

    Browse online or contact WBS today to discuss your requirements.

    WeBuildSigns – Custom Office Door Signs – Austin TX (512) 323-9770