Fundamental ADA Signage Information for your Buisness in 2017

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ADA compliant signage is a necessary part of the law which keeps our society moving in a positive and forward direction, without it, disabled peoples would be hugely discriminated against. Since the United States Congress passed the appropriate ADA legislation such signs have been ordered to comply to the rigid standards of the American National Standards Institute, requiring both convenient location and simplicity to read both visually and through tactile touch. ADA Signs, however, must satisfy much more than just Braille and raised characters’ requisites, requirements for installion are listed officially at, requirements for the physical nature of the sign are found at

Do all signs need to be ADA Compliant?

No, signs only need to comply to the standards if they fall under the following,

-A sign that identifies a permanent room or space of a facility (Including exits).

-A sign that directs or informs about functional spaces of the facility.

-A sign that identifies, directs to, or informs about accessible features of the facility.

Some signs, or sections of signs, that do not need to comply are,

-Signs for advertising and Marketing purposes.

-Temporary Logos, Company Logos, and names.

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