Homemade parking signs in Austin - legal or not?

Posted by Alex Lundquist on

Sign, Signs, everywhere signs, helping people find their way in the world, well one type of sign popping up around Austin, TX has people questioning “what should I do?”, the phenomenon of homemade parking signs. Drivers navigating the city  know how tough it can be to find parking in busy areas, but many of the locals know an open spot is just often just a side street or two away. These drivers, however, are now running into areas that seem zoned for all parking, but addressed with a homemade no parking sign, leaving people on the go wondering their next move. Just the other day I tried to park behind the always busy Homeslice Pizza to order a pie, and my usual spot was now being occupied by one of these hand-crafted signs, while I saw the practicality for the homeowners, I was certainly left to wonder whether or not this was a regulation I had to abide by. Interestingly enough when doing some research I found that KUT Austin had recently concluded an investigation into the very question, coming up with the short answer of….NO. While it is now becoming more common to see this signage around town there is no enforceable legality, no towing or tickets. Simply it seems that residents are getting tired of the increased traffic in their neighborhoods and are taking matters into their own hands. The problem will arise as people begin to create more official looking signs and confusion ensues as to which signage is legitimate, and which is homemade, so for now, the answer seems to be confused drivers and annoyed homeowners, but with more and more people moving to Austin daily, action by the city is bound to be taken soon. 

To read the full article posted by KUT click here.

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