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    Keeping the Weird in a Big City

    Keeping the Weird in a Big City

    As more and more high rise buildings fill the skyline of Austin, a lot of the funky and “weird” culture of the metropolitan has seemed to dissipate, one new building, however, seems to want to combine a unique hip feel with big city presence, The Independent. Located in downtown Austin, on 801 West 5th Street, and now coming nearer to completion, The Independent is setting the precedent for new Goliath structures in the city. Some quick research shows that it is not only going to be the tallest building in Austin, but the tallest residential building west of the Mississippi. It is not simply the height though that makes this building significant, one brief glance at the architectural design and it is abundantly apparent as to why this building will be at the visual forefront of downtown Austin moving forward.

    Independent AustinIndependent Texas

    The Downtown West Austin/Seaholm area has seen more growth in the last 10 years than in nearly any other city, and this buildings conclusion is following the completion of its new neighbor, the roughly one hundred and twenty five million dollar Austin Central library.

     Austin Central Library

    Capital Architectural Sign

    What separates these two structures from the norm is the combination of physical size and uniqueness these building exteriors display, with expertly designed and creatively crafted architecture rare to big city construction. It seems as though the capital of Texas is doing its best at maintaining the “Keep Austin Weird” motto alive through this big-city boom.

    To find more information on The Independent visit the site Here.

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