Combining Cold Online Marketing with Offline Tactics

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When it comes to marketing your company there are a ton of different avenues, a quick google search for the best methods will throw you in a dizzying number of directions. One thing many people seem to get stuck on though is whether or not to keep it all online or do everything in the “real world”, I believe the best marketing comes from the integration of the two. While many people will argue that everything is online, or that only meaningful relationships are formed from non-digital means, there is certainly a balance between the two in terms of finding potential customers and forming lasting relationships. Below I will explain two ways on how the integration of the digital and physical world can provide maximal results.


While many people rely on cold emailing and cold calling because of the ease of communication and the bulk ability of the two, often potential customers on the receiving end don’t feel the personal touch. This is why I opt for cold-mailouts, in my opinion they are one of the most effective forms of marketing. On the digital side, the list compiling, finding your potential clients, creating a letter you can send in bulk, and finding a program that will auto-insert the names of clients into the letter. The offline side is you hand-writing the front of the envelope, (which people feel very connected to), and signing the bottom of your letter. People are very receptive to hand-written envelopes because, well, how often do you get a hand-written envelope, and if you can find efficient methods to make your list you can create a cold contact reach out with a very warm feeling.


A lot of companies will find a whole list of companies that generally fit some description and start calling A-Z, I have worked for companies like this before and people were not thrilled by this telemarketing scheme. However, if you can make the call more personal to the potential client then the call will feel a lot less like a cold call and much more like you are trying to do them a favor. Say, for instance, a sign company is looking to bid on new job contracts, instead of calling every general contractor and architectural firm asking if they have any new jobs they are working on, in depth research can find you new or approaching jobs, some research can find you the GC or firm, and a few calls can point you in the direction of the person you need to contact. When you do contact him you will have the name of the job you are looking for, the contact’s name, as well as some background research, (which can be done by looking up that company or that project on google), on the company and job, this can make someone in New York feel close to someone in Texas, which trust me is not always easy.

While there are many other integrations of the offline and digital world in terms of marketing these are simply two i enjoy because I personally know of their effectiveness, and they do well to show how combining the two can lead to a much more personal feel of communication while also being able to reach bulk numbers.

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