18 simple tricks to improve your SEO

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Good luck, I hope you enjoy reading my post, these are some simple tricks that have helped me greatly with increasing my clients SEO and I hope they can help you as well. No beating around the bush, here is a list I have compiled:


  1. Create a my business account on Google, verify that it is your business, upload a profile and cover photo, a business description, make sure the address is correct, and create a google plus profile. (Typically to verify google will mail you a letter with a code that needs to be entered)
  2. Upload all of your products onto Google +, write a brief but good description with relevant keywords, include hashtags, a link to your site, and a photo.
  3. Upload all of your photos onto google. (Make sure the file names are composed of relevant keywords and not mumbo jumbo.)
  4. Use google posts every day to put up a product, these expire every 5 days so it is good to constantly reload them. (Upload a picture, relevant text, and link to your product under the add button option on the google post.)
  5. Upload your products one at a time onto pinterest, categorize them with relevant boards to your products, link each one back to the products page on your website so as to include the price on the post. (Do not upload all of your pinterest posts at once, try to consistently keep uploading them over time/don’t forget to include blog posts.)
  6. Post on Twitter, facebook, and instagram every day, make posts for each of your products with pictures and a link back to your website, if you write blogs put links to your blogs as posts on all social medias.
  7. Create blogs, write things that people will want to read, as well as blogs extremely relevant to your products, include links and keywords. (Write blogs that are interesting and useful to large masses of people so other sites will post your blogs and link back to your website, this is one of the most useful things you can do to improve SEO.)
  8. Write blogs about local events or phenomenons and then contact local news agencies and blog hosters about uploading your blog. (You are much more likely to get a local source to post your blog about local going-ons then you are for a national source to host your blog, keep things relevant.) ****Bonus Note for point 7 and 8 **** One very useful source of information on this topic is right here https://www.magnificent.com/magnificent-stuff/why-you-shouldnt-just-focus-on-getting-high-authority-backlinks, it is the thought that although high-authority backlinks are the most important they are much more difficult to get and will greatly decrease the speed at which your SEO can grow, instead you should be focusing on all relevant backlinks.
  9. Make sure all images on your website have proper tags, keep all tags relevant.
  10. Make sure your meta tag is right around 160 characters, see how it reads when it shows up on google, make sure it includes key words and a call to action. (Get second and third opinions on this, it is very important and often easy to forget what other people want to click on without getting outside opinions.)
  11. Get as many backlinks as possible, still the most relevant factor on google, if you have friends or other businesses with websites, especially well-ranking sites, get them to link to your site. (you can offer a link for a link exchange, don’t pay for links but someone may link to your blog if you link to theirs and so on.)
  12. Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors on your site. (this may sounds obvious but often when getting a fresh pair of eyes to look through old posts there will be glaring mistakes you will have grown so accustomed to seeing they slide right past you.)
  13. Upload all of your products to google merchant and run a shopping campaign. (This is the only advice I will give that costs money but if you are selling a physical product and have some amount allotted for a ppc campaign I have found this to be an extremely efficient and cost-effective method).
  14. Create links between pages of your site, have more popular pages link to less popular pages.
  15. Make sure your site runs quickly, if there is a lot of lag created when loading a page the SEO will be affected. (This can be influenced by the host, the images, videos, amount of flash, and effects you have on your site as well as several other factors.)
  16. Make sure there are no 404 errors, or other types of broken links. (Google will give you good reports, and will  crawl for them.)
  17. Use google analytics. (There are other tools, and your site hosting website may have its own analytic system, but in my opinion there is nothing else that is as accurate and comprehensive as google's system.)
  18. Don’t Slack, another one that sounds obvious, but not posting, checking your spelling, altering tags on photos, and so on will come back to bite you, the best thing you can do for your SEO is to constantly strive to improve it.

Bonus Note: Another option to consider is outsourcing your SEO and PPC work to a company that specializes in these matters. While it may seem doable to take on all tasks yourself you may come to realize how timely many of these endeavors take, a lot of times it is much more cost-efficient and better for companies operations to outsource there work to a company like Magnificent, https://www.magnificent.com/, who will take care of all of this work for you, allowing you time to focus on your specialties in order to grow other sectors of your business.

Hope you enjoyed!

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