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Architectural Signs - ADA Compliant Building Interior Signage

Custom Architectural Signage

example-architectural-signsThe term architectural signs refers to the permanent signage in commercial and public buildings that identifies important features like entrance/exit doors, stairs, bathrooms and maps. This includes room name and number emblems,  ADA-compliant restroom signs, elevator and stair signs, directional sign systems, floor layout maps and other forms of navigational and wayfinding signage. These highly visible emblems, plates and labels were initially mandated by federal and state regulations and local building codes for safety and convenience purposes. A well-designed architectural sign system enables people to easily navigate in an unfamiliar building, locate stairways and restrooms, and exit in the event of an emergency.

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In 1990 the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) created additional requirements for public and commercial building signs to accommodate people with mobility limitations or visual disabilities. ADA regulations require prominent placement of identifying and directional signage with standard visual and tactile symbols and Braille lettering. The specifications are very detailed, including the location, size, spacing and fonts for the tactile symbols and lettering.

More recently, Federal and state regulations have begun to address the challenging issue of public restroom access for people who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT). Many of the proposed regulations are controversial and vary widely from state to state. We expect that changes to bathroom signs will be one of the most significant developments in the architectural sign industry in this decade.

ADA-Compliant Architectural Signs and Accessories

The ADA sign regulations and specifications can be found in the Americans with Disability Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). There are two standards, one for State and Local Government, the other for Public Accommodation and Commercial Facilities. Conformance to these ADA standards makes it easier for people – especially those in wheelchairs or having visual impairments -- to locate key building features. These include entrances, exits, stairs, elevators, restrooms and individual room numbers. All architectural signage in public buildings, commercial structures and other facilities accessed by the general public must be ADA-compliant to provide access to those with disabilities.

ADAAG standards require that building signs for public stairways, elevators, bathrooms and exits must be conspicuously mounted at a height between 48” and 60”. This makes the lettering and symbols easy for sighted people to find and read, and easy for blind or visually impaired users to locate and understand. The 48”-60” height spec also makes these architectural signs accessible to people sitting in wheelchairs.

Conforming signage must have raised lettering tactile, Braille legends and standard pictograms representing the feature they identify – exit, stairway, elevator, restroom, conference room or individual office room number. Signs for wheelchair-accessible bathrooms, stairs or elevators include the standard International Symbol of Access (pictogram of a wheelchair). ADA-compatible sign designs also incorporate contrasting colors and non-glare backgrounds to make them easier to see and interpret.

WeBuildSigns makes standard and custom ADA compliant architectural signage for government buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, corporate offices and other commercial buildings. Our sign types include

Our attractive architectural sign products are available in metal, acrylic and wood. We also have slip-in signs into which you can insert a separate piece of paper, card stock or plastic containing text and graphics. Or we can create completely custom building signs to your specifications.

Buy Architectural Sign Products Online

WeBuildSigns carries a broad selection of ADA-compliant signs in our online store. These professionally designed signs and compatible accessories are available in a wide variety of materials, styles and colors. Our products come in an amazing variety of styles and prices; and you will be surprised how economical top quality building signage can be.

If you are looking for a unique style of architectural signage to highlight your organization’s name, logo or brand, we can create a custom design to meet your needs. As with our standard building sign packages available online, custom designs are high quality and surprisingly low cost. Contact WeBuildSigns today to discuss your requirements.

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