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    California Title 24 Bathroom Signs

    Originally enacted in 2013, the California Title 24 restroom sign specifications and building code regulations have been revised several times. The 2017 version requires that all public bathrooms have two signs – one on the restroom door and the other on a nearby wall. Title 24 also mandates that single-user bathrooms accommodate both genders, and marked accordingly with unisex toilet signs labeled All Gender Restroom. As before, multiple-user toilet facilities in California may be gender-specific with Men’s, Women’s or Unisex symbols and labels.

    Under Title 24 California restroom signs must include the appropriate internationally recognized male, female or unisex symbol. Bathrooms that are wheelchair accessible should also include the approved wheelchair symbol. Wall signs indicating the presence of a nearby bathroom should incorporate raised tactile lettering, gender or unisex symbol, and Braille characters. As with ADA signage specs, the Title 24 Building Code also requires wall mounting at a height accessible by someone seated in a wheelchair or motorized scooter. Tactile lettering and symbology are not recommended for bathroom doors - to avoid having someone struck by a swinging door while trying to read the sign.

    AB 1732 Single-User Gender-Neutral Restroom Signage

    California Assembly Bill No. 1732 Chapter 18 becomes effective March 1, 2017. Mandates that all single-user toilet facilities in businesses, government facilities or other places of public accommodation be identified by All-Gender Restroom signs.

    In addition to requiring compliance with California Title 24 bathroom sign regulations, AB 1732 now advises that building inspectors and other officials responsible for code enforcement may inspect toilet facilities for compliance during any inspection of these locations. California AB 1732 restroom sign regulations for single-user toilet facilities apply to any restroom with no more than one water closet and one urinal, with a door lock controlled by the user.

    Signs for All-Gender Toilet Facilities

    WeBuildSigns designs and manufactures a broad variety of products that are compliant with Title 24 and AB 1732 requirements for California restroom signs. For multiple-user bathrooms, we offer gender-specific Ladies Room and Mens Room signage, as well as the increasingly popular All-Gender or Unisex restroom signs. Most of our customers select one of our ADA sign collections that best matches their building décor.

    But if you would like a custom design to match your corporate color scheme, we can create a unique collection just for your business. We can even incorporate your company’s logo and specific Pantone colors. Along with CA Title 24-compliant bathroom signs, this collection could also include room naming and numbering signage, building and level directories, elevator and stairway signs, and evacuation/egress maps.

    Buy CA Title 24 Bathroom Signs Online

    The WBS online sign store on this website has Title 24 California restroom signs for every style and budget. Our products are very high quality and are frequently used in Class A office buildings. At the same time, our highly automated design and manufacturing process enable us to deliver low cost bathroom signs and great value. Our standard Title 24 sign products are available immediately online, and custom orders take just a little longer.

    Purchase Online - AB 1732 Compliant Signage

    If you operate a business or other facility accommodating the public in California, you need to have AB 1732 restroom signs. Title 24 requires two bathroom signs for each toilet facility – one for the bathroom door and another for a nearby wall. Unlike other vendors selling cheap all-gender restroom signs, WBS produces high quality at a low price.

    Having up-to-date restroom signs shows your customers and visitors you care about their safety and wellbeing. Don’t risk having your business fined or shut down for failure to comply with California public accommodation and building codes. Choose from our several attractive collections, and order your CA Title 24 compliant bathroom signs today!

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