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Boys Restroom Sign

WeBuildSigns (WBS)

  • $ 45.99

Tirana family boys restroom sign - ADA compliant bathroom signs for boys washrooms. This high quality low cost male toilet sign is ideal for labeling restrooms in office buildings, residential complexes, medical facilities, etc.

Boys Restroom Signage - Tirana Specs

  • 1/32" raised tactile letters 
  • 8" diameter circular boys lavatory sign
  • Choice of label - BOYS, MEN, GENTS, HOMBRES, HIJOS, etc.
  • Grade 2 Braille - ADA compliant
  • International male symbol, high-contrast
  • Choice of 4 textures and 8 colors

Color Options for Tirana Boys Bathroom Signs:


Tirana Boys Restroom Sign Texture Options:


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