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Men's Restroom Sign

WeBuildSigns (WBS)

  • $ 35.99

Mainstream style men's restroom sign - ADA compatible men's bathroom signage, designed for use as mensroom signs in Class A office buildings, hotels, retail establishments, hospitals and medical clinics. The Mainstream collection mens and womens bathroom sign designs are top quality and very economical.

Features - Mainstream Mens Restroom Signage

  • 1/4" thick acrylic or aluminum plate
  • 4" wide by 9" tall mens room sign
  • High contrast, raised universal male symbol
  • 1/32" raised tactile MEN or MENSROOM lettering
  • Choice of 8 standard colors and 4 finish textures
  • VHB tape for simplified installation

Mainstream Style Mensroom Sign -- Color Options


Material options for Mainstream ADA Mens Room Signage:    mens-bathroom-sign-colors-mainstream

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