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Stair Sign

WeBuildSigns (WBS)

  • $ 58.00

Econo family stair sign - ADA compliant stairway signage - low cost and high quality. Excellent choice for office buildings, manufacturing plants, apartment complexes or retail stores. In addition to stair signs, the Econo collection also includes matching signs for elevators, restrooms, office doors, building directories. 

Stair Sign Specs - Econo Style

  • High visibility 7 1/2" square stairway sign
  • Choice of 8 colors and 4 finish textures
  • 1/4" thick painted polymer panel
  • 1/32" raised letters, stair symbol and Grade 2 Braille
  • Customer choice of sign text - STAIRS, ESCALERA, etc.

Color Options for Econo Stair Signs:


Econo Stair Signage Texture Options:


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