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Stairway Sign

WeBuildSigns (WBS)

  • $ 43.99

Mira family stairway sign - ADA compliant stair signs in 8 colors and 4 texture options. Great for a church, school, office building, etc. One of our more popular low cost stairs signs; and we also have matching Mira collection ADA signs for elevators or escalators - or complete architectural sign packages if you would like to outfit an entire building.

Mira Stairway Sign Specs:

  • 1/4" painted acrylic or aluminum panel
  • Your choice of eight high visibility colors
  • Stairway sign is 4 1/2" wide by 7 1/2" tall
  • ADA-compliant Braille and raised tactile lettering
  • Your choice of STAIR, STAIRS, ESCALERA or other text

Color Options for Mira Stairs Sign:


Mira Stair Sign Material Options:


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